During these unusual times, We at Boonoob, are revolutionizing the way our platform enables people to connect with each other, creating job opportunities, helping each other, especially to such people who are affected in terms of their sustainability and are looking for extra sources of income.

Boonoob will be a “boon” for highlighting households, businesses, talents, and more. Boonoob provides opportunities for people to lend a hand and offer their services to those that need help during this time of need. The job will not only get done, but you also build a community as well, which is something we are striving for. Services include: running errands, donating to a cause, volunteering for organizations, and many more!

Give time and labor for community service. Donate clothes, food, and/or furniture. Bring the world closer by staying connected with our social platform.

Join the movement, together we can make life easier and happier for everyone. 


Boonoob is a social platform that connects people in unique ways to meet their needs, to do good, and spread happiness. Our trust-based social platform enables likely-minded individuals, sharing common values and interests to remain active, helping each other in their daily lives, improve physical and mental health, running errands for others, volunteering, donating, and making money!



At this moment, we are team of 25 Boonoobers and rapidly growing. Let's get to know each other a little better.

Introduce yourself and we'll find a role that fits your skills

About us

At Boonoob, we strive to make a positive impact on the world by promoting happiness and well-being for citizens of the World. Our vision is to help connect 1 Billion people all across the globe by 2030 by creating value addition in their daily life activities in the most sustainable and unique ways with our core values (7Ps) Good people, Good planet, Good products, Good parties, Good places, Good privacy, Good prices

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