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Our Mission

We are a new social platform to make the world happier by helping each other.

People lost jobs, are not safe, and alone.

So, we are aiming to help people make money, stay safe, and not to be alone.

Additionally, by using Boonoob you will become happier because it is built upon the Science of Happiness.

Our Vision

Helping one Billion people in their daily life activities in the most sustainable and unique ways by 2030.


So join us to make it happen. We launched our beta iOS app on July 15th. Signup and you will receive an invitiation in your mailbox to download the app.

First 500 Signups: Full Life-Time Premium Membership

First 1000 Signups: A Ticket to 2021 New Year's Eve Virtual Party Around the World with 10000 people

First 2000 Signups: Full One-Year Premium Membership

First 3000 Signups: Early-Adopter Badge

First 5000 Signups: Thank You Note

Our Values


Our Story

In 2016, Boonoob started off as a Private Social Media Network in University of New Hampshire.

"To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often."
- Winston Churchill.

By 2020, and after expanding to University of San Francisco, we've become one of the most popular private party platform in San Francisco. We've hosted private events & parties to celebrate different occasions with thousands of people.

"Every problem is a gift--without problems we would not grow."
-Tony Robbins

In the wake of the COVID-19 crisis, we are prioritizing the need of serving & helping those most in need in these unprecedented times.

Here are some memories of our parties in San Francisco

Pandemic is dramatically changing day-to-day life across the globe. 


Record High Jobless

Millions of people are unemployed in the United States and all over the world.


Social Distancing

People are keeping distance and are uncomfortable to attend a crowded place.


Long Lines Every Where

Long lines and inconvenience doing errands.


Stores Closing

Small businesses are closing because they don’t have money.

Boonoob Reborn

For months our team of bright people and professors in well known universities worked together to come up with solutions. After all, we are a social web for social good and we try day in and day out to make everyday life so much easier for you.

  1. GOOD PLANET - 10% equity of the company is allocated to 10 different charities to help human lives.
  2. GOOD PEOPLE - We are connecting people so, everyone can get the help they need and the trust they want. Also, to donate, volunteer, and make money. 
  3. GOOD PRODUCTS  - You will get the most trusted products and services.
  4. GOOD PARTIES - Events and Parties to bring celebration into everyday life.
  5. GOOD PLACES - Get to know about the Places around you.
  6. GOOD PRIVACY - We protect your Privacy.
  7. GOOD PRICES - Low fees & No hidden Costs.

Join Now

Join now to become one of the first iOS users in the Bay Area to test and enjoy our new platform before the official release to the app store. Additionally, we offer you gifts at the time of the Official Launch.



Headquartered in the heart of San Francisco


Voicemail: +1 (877) 717 - 7447